Zombies are coming to App-Camp!

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A lot of my friends, and myself as well, are addicted to the Facebook application, Zombies. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a level 3 Zombie Ninja and a snazzy dresser.

It isn’t just my friends that use this app nearly daily – Zombies was recently ranked as the 19th most downloaded application on Facebook. To date, over 3.6 million people have downloaded that application. With nearly 220,000 daily users, Zombies creator, Blake Commagere, has some of the most significant information available about user behavior and Facebook applications. That is why we are excited to announce that he’ll be one of our discussion leaders at App-Camp.

Having such a large user base not only allows an app developer to gain a lot of data, it also makes them attractive to advertisers. Before the release of Resident Evil: Extinction, the Zombies application pulled off a brilliant ad campaign for the movie. In terms of audience targeting, it couldn’t have been a better match. I’m looking forward hearing from Blake how that campaign went and what he’s got lined up for the future.

Oh, to think I was just a level 2 Leftenent back then.


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