Which Facebook app would you rather own?

For every one of the 5,000+ apps on Facebook, there are probably a dozen people that are thinking about making one. One of the reasons I’m excited about App-Camp is having the opportunity to discuss the future of the application business with the people who know it best. So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to ask some of our discussion leaders a question about owning an app and then have a discussion at App-Camp about why they answered the way they did. It should be noted that all of the following application developers that answered have at least one app in the Facebook top 20*, with the exception of one VC that is an expert in valuating apps.

Question: Which of the following fictional applications would you rather own?

A) Music Focused
* 22 million installs
* 8% daily active users
* Has advertising
* Sells songs through 3rd party technology, keeps 10% of sale

B) Fantasy based game
* 2 million installs
* 29% daily active users
* Has advertising
* Sells virtual game enhancers (spells, safety, weapons, etc.), keeps 70% of sale

C) Communication focused (poke, write, etc.)
* 45 million installs
* 10% daily active users
* No other monetization besides advertising

And the answers from our distinguished panel are……

We will be having what I’m sure will be an interesting discussion at App-Camp as to why these discussion leaders chose the app they did. If you cannot attend, don’t worry, we’ll be posting a recap on this site about the day’s sessions, and this one will be included.

*According to O’Reilly research


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