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New measurement company for Facebook apps

October 18, 2007

Sometrics, a brand new, L.A. based, measurement company for Facebook applications, is coming to App-Camp this Saturday. They are so new that their website reveals very little about what they actually do. I reached out to one of the founders, Joseph Hsieh, to find out what they’ve got under the hood.

The name Sometrics I’m guessing comes from “social + metrics,” and they measure some of the same data as Adonomics, such as total users, active users, growth, etc. What makes them different is that they also measure age, sex, and location of the users of specific applications. Applications need to sign up for this service, and the data they give applications is not made public. Right now the cost is free to applications. You read that correctly, free… but there is an asterisk. Right now they are looking to work with mid-sized applications while they fine-tune everything, and they are a business, so free probably won’t last too long.

The data that Sometrics claims to be able to provide, if accurate, can be a significant value to application developers. Having the ability to track user behavior on a more granular level will enable developers to make changes and improvements to satisfy certain demographics they feel are most important. For brand marketers and advertisers, the ability to see who they are paying to reach is critical. Sometrics even does a great job of graphing data in an aesthetically pleasing way. As trite as that may sound, it makes a big difference when media planners that take the risk of marketing in unproven territories have to do a post report to the brands they represent.

Below is a graph detailing daily active users for apps on their leaderboard.

Sometrics has a lot of potential, not just as a company, but as a door opener for marketers that don’t want to spend the rumored $50-$100K a month for sponsored groups (which don’t even ensure better search results on Facebook), but are wary of leveraging applications for marketing. Application owners should visit the Sometrics website to sign up.


The value of Facebook applications

October 9, 2007

At the Graphing Social Patterns conference in San Jose, I’ve overheard more conversations about the accuracy of application valuations than I’ve been Rick Rolled in the past week. It is safe to say that much of the discussion around the value of apps is because app analytics company, Adonomics, publicly shows what they feel an app is worth on their website. So, of course, we asked Lee Lorenzen, the CEO of Altura Ventures, the Facebook fund that acquired Adonomics in August, to be a discussion leader at App-Camp.

The Adonomics website states the following factors are used to value an application:

  • Facebook-reported numbers
  • Standard web metrics such as pageviews, uniques, visitors, etc.
  • Computed data, such as sudden changes in your growth profile or the age of your application.
  • Estimated growth of your application and Facebook in general
  • Optimal monetization strategies across all possible services, including CPM/CPC/CPI advertising, potential sponsorships, and
    cross-promotion deals.
  • Using that data the following three applications are valued at:

    1) Vampires – $2,678,670
    2) My Aquarium – $2,629,780
    3) (fluff) Friends – $1,629,290

    Are these apps worth that much? Are they worth more? All three of these application developers are leading discussions at App-Camp in addition to Lee Lorenzen, so those attending will have the opportunity to understand application valuations from two unique perspectives.