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Applications, advertising, and engagement

October 4, 2007

David Goodrich, a discussion leader for App-Camp, is the West Coast Director for OMD Digital. He knows that Facebook is the buzz around media planners today the way user-generated content was two years ago, or video-on-demand before that. Yet despite the opportunity advertisers have to reach Facebook users while inside its influential social environment, there has been only a handful of campaigns that truly leverage applications beyond simple banner-style and text-based advertising.

With such simplistic advertising being the norm, it comes as no surprise that advertising executive, Andrew Chen, was quoted in the New York Times today as saying, “precisely because Facebook is such an appealing and engaging environment, Facebook users click on ads significantly less frequently than elsewhere on the Web.” That may be true on average, especially if he is including the skyscraper ads on profile pages, but that isn’t true with all types of advertising on Facebook – and it most definitely doesn’t have to be that way if your ad campaign is innovative. In fact, Facebook applications present an opportunity to be far more effective than most web advertising.

With media fragmentation comes fragmentation of metrics and success measurements. The days of standardized metrics across the web are long gone, and that is a good thing. Advertisers can now care less about metrics such as click-thru rates and can pay closer attention to user engagement with their brand; this is especially true with applications within social networks like Facebook, which offer both interactive and viral components. The trick to a successful advertising campaign that leverages an application is for the developer and the advertiser to understand each others expectations and limitations – and creativity, of course.

  • Application creators that want to monetize their applications using advertising need to understand what advertisers are looking for so they can build their application accordingly. That means holistically understanding brands’ objectives (which isn’t necessarily going to be just a large number of users on your app), and more precisely understanding how a specific brand wants to measure engagement. This will help application creators develop better demographic-targeted applications and create a level of engagement that is just enough to deliver the brand message, but not too much to turn off the user.
  • It is also incumbent upon savvy media planners and brands to understand what is actually feasible while working with applications. Then they’ll have to establish their own engagement success metrics depending on how they envision their advertising woven into the application.

OMD is the world’s largest media planning firm, and David Goodrich works with multiple brands to understand their needs. He’ll bring his insight to help application creators understand what advertisers want so they can develop more advertising-friendly applications that are equally appealing to users.