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Pet applications on Facebook: why is one out-performing the rest?

September 28, 2007

There are 17 applications listed under “pets” on Facebook. The top pet application is (Fluff) Friends, and it has nearly 6 times the number of active users compared to the applications Dogbook and Pets, the #2 and #3 apps in the category, respectfully.

What is (Fluff) Friends doing that the others aren’t? Both (Fluff) Friends and Pets have similar levels of interactivity – they both allow you to own or adopt an animal and then you can feed and care for it. Is it that (Fluff) Friends has been around longer? Maybe. Even if that were true, and I don’t know that it is, that wouldn’t explain why the percentage of daily users on (Fluff) Friends is nearly double Dogbook and Pets.

The fact is, I don’t know the answer to why that application has a higher engagement level than the others, but I’d like to because this isn’t just relevant to the “pets” category. We’ve asked the creator of (Fluff) Friends, Mike Sego, to come in and be a discussion leader for App-Camp because we know that he is doing something right that others aren’t. At App-Camp the idea is to discuss with successful application creators and developers what it is that they are doing right. We’ll be asking those questions to developers with apps in different categories, and then we’ll connect the dots. What works for pet applications may very well translate into political, sports, or many other categories.

Whether you are an application developer, an advertiser, an investor, or just want to learn more about why some apps are more successful than others, I’m sure you’ll want to hear what Mike Sego has to say.